Friday, June 10, 2011

Save the selvages!!!!

I have several friends who save their selvages.  Making fabric from them allows for repurposing.  These resourceful ladies have graciously refused the saved strips and have convinced me that I needed to try this thrify craft.  I was hoping to find someone to take these off my hands but have failed.  I was bored one day and just wanted to hear the hum of Bernie so I stitched them together forming fabric.  It sat on my ironing board until I fired up the beast.  Ironing it, uncovered an interesting piece.  Words, colorful dots and patches of color and blankness teased me ti fubd a use.  Lots of saved zippers and fabric for lining were also screaming to be made useful.  These are the end results.  Handy little bags.  I was so surprised and pleased when my loving daughter thought one would be useful.  It happily lives in her work desk holding personal-use objects.  Mine will probably hold sewing items.  Thanks ladies for the inspiration.  I continue to save selvages!!!